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The Eight Crafts of Writing is available as an interactive online course AND A VIDEO COURSE. 
Click here to access the INTERACTIVE ONLINE course at the Lawson Writer’s Academy. Course duration: six weeks, Number of lessons: 22.
CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE VIDEO COURSE ON UDEMY. You will get six hours On-Demand video (Lifetime access), all the lectures, and 18 downloadable resources.



What you will learn if you take The Eight Crafts of Writing course:

  • The eight writing crafts (the map): Big Idea, Genre, Narrative, Story Outline, Characterization, World Building, Scene & Chapter Structure, and Prose
  • How to engage readers
  • A fresh definition of story that keeps your writing focussed
  • How to use the psychology of storytelling to write immersive stories
  • The adversity cycle and how to use it to foolproof your story outline
  • How to author stories before writing them
  • How to differentiate between protagonistic and antagonistic genres, story outlines, and scenes and why that matters
  • A new way of dealing with the shapeshifting writer’s block

Lessons include:

  • Lesson material
  • Writing exercises
  • Writing prompts
  • Additional tools and resources
  • Links to other Lawson Writer’s Academy courses that allow you to dig deeper into the crafts and sub-crafts
  • The course premiere promo: The assessment of your story engine in a thirty minutes on-one-one call.

Who should take this course:

  • Aspiring writers
  • Writers who are a couple of years into their writing journey but got lost in the weeds 
  • Writers interested in the psychology of storytelling and the secrets of story engagement
  • Writers interested in a simple and effective way of authoring stories (the pantser’s way of plotting)
Click here to access the course description at the Lawson Writer’s Academy website.



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