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The EIGHT Crafts of Writing

→ Create tension & curiosity
→ Create a sense of wonder
→ Weave empathy
→ Stir emotions 
→ Inspire and motivate 
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    The Eight Crafts Holistic & Objective Editing Service
    Editing services come with three major challenges: objectivity, 
    granularity, and timing.

    The challenge of subjectivity: Editors who don’t follow a writing methodology will struggle to give you objective feedback, or, if they do, struggle to communicate their feedback objectively.

    The challenge of granularity: Some editors need to read your entire manuscript before they can give you feedback.

    The timing challenge: Some editors can’t help with the pre-writing phase. 

    ECHOES overcomes all three challenges.

    Joseph Hobbs

    The book reads like an academic journal or text and I like the simplicity of the prose. The sentences are short and written in a manner to be remembered. Nothing goes on too long, a benefit with an educational book. I thought the adversity part was a little egregious, but I do get the point of it. Whether it’s lists, font, each page has a lot of punchy points intended to be quoted down. Effective division is the cornerstone of the work. What are the key elements of a central theme, major concepts that correlate to a specific direction. An overview of readers and their investments is helpful to give people, I knew it personally, but like guides on oration, it is a great advantage to tie in what the author works on, but also the mindset and desires of the person who reads their work and aids them in turn. Everything I could have thought of, genre, characterisation, the necessity of the big idea are covered here in a level of consideration that I think will do the full book credit. I did find your work good, and I certainly do think it a very fine piece and worth the time for a writer or literary scholar to read.

    Aneesha Shewani

    A handy guide for all writers. This is a writing masterclass in a book. The Eight Crafts of Writing by Stefan Emunds is a must-have on the bookshelf for anyone who wants a succinct reckoner for basic principles of good writing.

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    Taken From An Amazon Review

    This is a book worthy of study, with excellent insight and advice for the writer. Eight Crafts is a resource that should be in every writer’s toolbox, especially those serious about improving their craft.

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    Taken From An Amazon Review

    The book is certainly worth reading and adding to your writing reading list as you endeavor to learn more about the craft. It makes some interesting points in reference to the psychology of reading and writing.

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    Taken From An Amazon Review

    This book is great for aspiring authors.
    This helps map out telling a story when you’re not sure what you want or how to get there.
    I would definitely read other helps from this author as this was a help for me.

    Questions & Answers

    The eight crafts of writing are Big Idea, Narrative, Genre, Story Outline, Characterization, World Building, Scene Structure, and Prose.

    Stories are virtual adventures. In essence, people react the same way to stories as they react to real-life experiences.  If you understand the psychology of experiencing, you can create real-to-life stories. This includes knowing how to engage readers with the eight crafts, how to create curiosity and tension, how to weave empathy, how to create a sense of wonder, stir emotions, and inspire and motivate. 

    ECHOES is the Eight Crafts Holistic & Objective Editing Service. Read more here

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