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The Eight Crafts Novel Project Management

Novel Project Management


A thorough project management system for writing novels and short-stories that will help you to deal with the complex undertaking of writing a story and beat resistance. 

The complexity of authoring and writing a novel may overwhelm and block you. To manage a complex tasks, we need to break it down into small and manageable tasks.  In the industry, there is a job dedicated to managing complex projects. That’s the job of a project manager. If you write novels, you need to be your own story project manager and use a project management tool. That’s where the Eight Crafts Story Project Management comes in.

The Eight Crafts Story Project Management breaks down the authoring and writing phases into two phases and six sub-phases (see below). It explains and details these phases and offers checklists that will make sure you’re not missing anything important. 

The Eight Crafts Story Project Management is currently in revision and will be published soon. 

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Storytelling is both art and craft, authoring and writing.

Art and Authoring

Art is creativity. Creativity requires receptivity to the Muse and its inspirations. 

Inspirations arrive as thought-images, which writers put into words. How to turn thought-images into words and assemble those into a structured story with vivid characters and an engrossing world is a matter of craft and skill.

Craft and Writing

The literal meaning of Kung Fu is a discipline achieved through hard work and persistent practice. Writing is Kung Fu. 

Craft gives form to inspirations. Forms limit. Writers love the artistic side of writing, less so crafting, in particular, Story Outline. Writers are prone to procrastinating crafting. 

But no limitations, no story. No canvas, no painting. No net, no tennis. 

Understanding the difference between freedom and dominion helps to appreciate the constraints of craft. Freedom is a means to an end. We want to be free to do something, for example, to write a book. That’s all there is to freedom. Dominion, on the other hand, is mastery of structure.

How to Author and Write a Story

How should you proceed when the muse strikes and inspires you to write a story?  

If a task is too complex, break it down into a series of small and manageable tasks.

The Eight Crafts revision management breaks down the authoring and writing phases as follows:

Authoring & Writing Phases

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