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In the ebook version of The Eight Crafts of Writing, all items under See Also link to external resources. If you bought a print version, you can find all the links below, in the order of appearance in the book.


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The Links

3. Art and Craft
5. Reader Investment and Engagement
7. Mental Responses and Story
8. The Psychology of Story and the Engagers
9. Janus
13. A Bit of Wisdom
14. The Story Promise
15. Narrative Basics
16. Narrative Styles and Genres
19. Point of View
23. Non-linear and Parallel Narrative
24. Genre Basics
25. Genre Proper
30. New Genres
31. Genre Conventions
33. Story Outline Basics
34. Adversity
36. The Story Arc
38. The Story Engine
39. The Story Engine and Story Promise
42. Act 1 Scene Outline
44. Midpoint Scene Outline
47. Scene Outline and Genre Conventions
48. Story Outline Scene Types and Nests
50. The Internal Story Engine
53. Plots
59. Weaving Empathy
62. Antipathy and the Antagonist
66. Characterization Design
70. The Twenty-Two Character Templates
71. Character Profiling
76. World Context
81. Exposition
83. Scene Elements
84. Scene Building Blocks
89. The Scene Header
91. Vocabulary, Choice of Words, Diction
92. Fresh Expressions

The course Writing Body Language and Dialogue Cues Like a Psychologist by Margie Lawson

94. Poetry in Prose
98. The Narrative Building Block
99. The Description Building Block
100. The Internalization Building Block
102. The Dialogue Building Block
103. The Dialogue Tag Building Block
105. Balancing Scene Building Blocks
106. Spotlighting Scene Building Blocks
107. Designing Moods
108. What Kind of Writer Are You?
110. How to Author a Story
113. The Writer’s Block
114. The Book Exterior
115. Your Opening

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