The Eight Crafts Navigation System

The Eight Crafts Navigation System

The Eight Crafts Navigation System is the supplementary book to The Eight Crafts of Writing. 

The Eight Crafts of Writing gives an overview of the writing crafts – the map. The Eight Crafts Navigation System is a manuscript guide and details a step-by-step revision management method – the navs. You need to read the Eight Crafts of Writing first in order to make use of the navs. 


Storytelling is both art and craft, authoring and writing.

Art and Authoring

Art is creativity. Creativity makes the invisible visible. 

Creativity requires receptivity – to the Muse and its inspirations. Inspirations arrive as thought-images, which writers put into words. How to turn thought-images into words and assemble those into a structured story with vivid characters and an engrossing world, is a matter of craft and skill.

Craft and Writing

Craft gives form to inspirations. Forms are limitations. Writers love the artistic side of writing, less so crafting. Crafting is tedious and limiting, in particular, Story Outline. But no limitations, no story. No canvas, no painting. No net, no tennis.

Understanding the difference between freedom and dominion helps to appreciate the constraints of Craft. Freedom is a means to an end. We want to be free to do something, for example, to write a book. That’s all there is to freedom. Dominion, on the other hand, is mastery of structure and craft and skill.

How to Author and Write a Story

How should you proceed when the muse strikes and inspires you to write a story? You can use The Eight Crafts Navigation System, which conceptualizes authoring and writing as follows:

Authoring & Writing Phases


The Eight Crafts Navigation System explains and details these phases and includes checklists and control questions that you can use for WIP quality control. 

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